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Pearl Support to Homeowners

How Pearl Can Help

Pearl offers a variety of services to homeowners. Most of those services are provided through Pearl's homeowner portal called Green Door.

Pearl helps homeowners maintain and improve their home by:

  • storing their home's documents and details about the home's high-performing features
  • offering 3rd-party recommendations based on industry best practices and "building science"
  • connecting them with qualified professionals that have been accepted into Pearl's network.

Pearl also helps homeowners make those high-performing features visible at time of sale or time of refinance. Pearl helps homeowners understand the process and how they can maximize the likelihood that their high-performing features will impact the sale and appraisal process. Every Pearl certified home receives:

  • a complimentary "real estate marketing package" to help a listing agent properly differentiate the home
  • a completed Appraisal Institute's Green and Energy Efficient Addendum

Pearl cannot offer certain services to homeowners. 

  • Pearl does not make improvements, install features, provide specific improvement recommendations for homeowners, or endorse specific products. As such, Pearl is not a direct party in the home improvement, valuation, refinance, or home sale process. As a third-party, Pearl’s primary interest is ensuring the data quality and accuracy of its Certification Reports as well as the brand integrity of its network.
  • Pearl is not a real estate firm and cannot provide guidance on pricing. While Pearl certified homes have been shown to sell for more, local listing agents are the experts in their markets and Pearl can not provide specific guidance on Comparative Market Analyses (CMAs) and other aspects of a home sale that are specific to local markets.'
  • Pearl does not provide valuation services nor can it directly intervene in the appraisal process.Pearl serves as a resource to homeowners, lenders, and appraisers during the refinance and/or home sale process. 
    • Pearl provides information and seeks to empower homeowners to make the value of their investments visible. 
    • Pearl is a resource to help appraisers more readily access information about a subject property. Pearl also references industry standards and best practices to help lenders and appraisers understand why a home's performance features may be an important part of the loan process.
  • Pearl can only third-party certify data from qualified sources. Pearl may be able to certify certain home features when homeowners provide supporting documentation to Pearl (e.g.,  a dishwasher). Pearl can not certify other features without data from qualified professions, based on specific professional credentials (e.g., diagnostic test results or the determination of quality installation).

Getting Access to Green Door

Green Door: the gateway to your high-performing home!

Access your Green Door account at

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it on the login screen.

If you didn't set up the account when your home was initially certified, you may receive a message that the home already exists or the email already exists. Contact and we can reset your account.

If you have recently moved into a Pearl-certified home, contact to claim your home. Please submit any information or documentation so Pearl can review to verify that you are the new owner of the home.

What to Do When Refinancing Your Pearl-Certified Home

Visit Pearl's refinance resource page for step-by-step guidance on what to do when refinancing.

What to Do When Selling Your Pearl-Certified Home

Visit Pearl's resource page for step-by-step guidance on what to do when selling.

How to find a Pearl Partner professional

If you are in immediate need of a Pearl Partner real estate agent because you are selling your home, contact Pearl at

To find Pearl Partner contractors, agents, and other professionals:

Access your Green Door account at

Search for a Pearl Partner based on your location.

Connect with the partner. The Pearl Partner will have limited access to your home so they can certify any work that might be performed.

Pearl can also facilitate an introduction if you are not sure of what type of contractor you may need. Pearl can not offer specific recommendations for your home. But we may be able to better understand your concerns and point you to a specific Pearl Partner that specializes in a service that you need.

What to if there is no Pearl Professional in my area

If there are no Pearl Partners in your area, you may receive no results or Green Door results may show contractor lists from high-quality, trusted industry associations based on the specific service you selected (e.g., HVAC, insulation, energy audits, solar).

In this event, you can contact Pearl at cs@pearlcertification. Our customer service team is available for a short, 5-minute consultation to identify your need and to offer advice on what to look for when searching for a quality contractor.


What to do if your preferred contractor is not part of the Pearl Network

Pearl understands that you may have a very good working relationship with a contractor of your choice that is not a member of the network. If they do high-quality work, they are probably a good candidate!

You can nominate your contractor to join the network so they can certify their work in your home. Nominate your contractor by contacting Pearl at You can also send your contractor to Pearl's webpage for contractors so they can learn more and request a 15 minute consultation with Pearl's partnership team.

If your contractor is not a good fit for the Pearl network, some features of your home may still be certifiable. 


Can I certify my home's features in Green Door?

Pearl requires that certified features are properly documented by qualified sources.

If you are a homeowner, you may submit information about home features in Green Door. Required documentation will vary by feature type.

Dishwashers, refrigerators, and other items can be certified in Green Door as long as supporting information (such as the ENERGY STAR label and model number) is uploaded and the documentation is approved by Pearl's Certification Department.

Some features will not be certifiable in Green Door without working with a Pearl certifier or a Pearl Network member. Many building shell features (e.g., insulation, air sealing) as well as HVAC features fall under this category. Basic information about these features might be certifiable, but these certifiable features may not be eligible to contribute to your home's score or tier.

Why can't I find my home on Pearl's Registry?

If you are a homeowner who just bought a solar system or a new HVAC system, you probably don't expect that your (private) purchase of that system should be published on a public facing website. So we don't!

If you are refinancing, Pearl recommends that you do make it visible so the appraiser can more readily find your home's information. After the refinance is complete, you can contact us again to take it off the Registry.

If you are selling your home, Pearl also recommends that you make it visible so interested home buyers can learn more about the benefits of your home's high-performing features.

Contact Pearl at cs@pearlcertification to opt-in to making your home visible on the Pearl Registry or to remove it from the registry.

Can Pearl certify condominiums or apartments?

Pearl can certify single family detached homes as well as single family attached homes that share a common walls (such as townhomes, duplexes, and quads), but that have independent space heating and cooling system, water heating systems, foundations, and attics.

Pearl certifies the individual characteristics of these homes, provides a Pearl score, and assigns an appropriate Pearl tier (Silver, Gold, Platinum).

Pearl's system is not optimized to certify residential units that share common systems (heating and cooling, water heating) or do not have their own foundation and/or attic (e.g. a third floor apartment in a 5-story multifamily building). While Pearl may be able to certify specific assets in these types of units (e.g., ENERGY STAR appliances, efficient lighting, etc.), Pearl cannot score the home or assign a Pearl tier.

How Do I Learn More About High-Performing Homes?

Start by reading Pearl's Homeowner Guide to High-Performing Homes.

If you don't already have a Green Door account, you can create one to learn more about how your home performs and how you can improve its performance.

And there is no substitute for a highly-qualified contractor who can perform diagnostic tests and offer expert recommendations based on your specific needs and your home's unique characteristics. You can find a Pearl Network contractor in Green Door.


Didn't Find Your Answer? Contact us at cs@pearlcertifcation to schedule a complimentary 5-minute phone consultation so we can guide you to the appropriate resource.

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